Pledge to Vote ‘No’ on the next library levy until such time as they pull ‘Drag Queen Story Hour for Children’ from being presented at the Ft. Vancouver Library District. Just email: www.keepthelibrarysafeforchildren@yahoo.com with your first and last name, city, and county and type you ‘Pledge to Vote No on the next library levy’ and you will be added to the over 3,800 people who have pledged already. Drag Queen Story Hour is exactly that, a fully dressed drag queen is paid to read in the public library gender confusing books to a target audience of 3 – 8 year olds. It is never in the best interests of 3 year olds to question their gender and that is exactly what DQSH does. Currently the library is closed due to COVID-19. I will let you know when the library board meetings are open to the public again. You can always write comments to the board each month at trustees@fvrl.org. We ask that you be respectful. We try to push back firmly, but also as lovingly as possible. Also, you can learn about Comprehensive Sexxx-Education from The Washington Parents Rights in Education Facebook Group. We were responsible for getting Referendum 90 on the ballot last year to see it fail in part due to the Attorney General’s poorly written wording of the referendum designed to confuse voters. Still 1.5 million voters rejected it even though we were outspent $10/$1 by Planned Parenthood. The fight is not over. We broke the state record for signatures for a referendum all during a strong Covid ban on gathering. 266,000 signatures were gathered for Referendum 90 even during a pandemic showing how strongly parents are opposed to CSE.

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Gary Wilson

I’m a nobody, but I am concerned about what is going on in our library. Maybe you are a nobody like me, but your concerned too. Together, we can be somebody. Somebody, that can make a difference. Will you join me and be that somebody? Da blagoslavit tebya Gospod!


  1. My vote will be to shut down this travesty as a Clark County resident, and in no way am I voting against the freedom of anyone to embrace LGBTQ as their own lifestyle.

  2. Thanks Sherri, as voters and taxpayers for the library we have a right to stand up for children and say this is not in their best interests and is not what we want our taxpayer funded libraries supporting.

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