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Ft. Vancouver Library District introduced a new program called the ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ at their city center library location in Vancouver on February 9th, 2019.

This inaugural event has stirred up concerns from some citizens. In an attempt to better understand the pulse of the district we are conducting this survey to better inform our Library Board of Trustees.

Below is an eye witness account of the event on February 9th 2019 @ Vancouver city center library:

“They played “I’m Coming Out” right before the program started. There were a couple of employees who lead the group in songs between three books the storyteller read. He read ’Teddy’s Favorite Toy’, about a boy whose favorite toy is a doll. “Every Day Dress Up”, about a girl whose mother suggests that instead of dressing like a princess, she could dress up as famous women in history, like Amelia Curie, Ella Fitsgerald, etc. The last one “Worm Loves Worm” was the one with the heavy hand. Two worms want to get married, but who will wear the tux and who will wear the dress? One ends up wearing the dress and a top hat, the other wears the tux and veil. Then it was the time for the dance party and crafts such as crowns and rainbow colored ribbons. It was noted that they didn’t do the create your own drag queen name or choose your pronouns exercises done at other drag queen events. The part that bothered me the most though, was the end. They put on music for the dance party and started the crafts. As we walked out I looked around and could better see the people, all the smiling, the laughing and dancing, and it felt like a victory party where they had won and the children were the spoils. And it was really disturbing”.

Drag Queen Story Hour is exactly that. A fully dressed drag queen is paid to read in the public library gender fluidity books to a target audience of 3 — 8 year olds. They also encourage the children to dress up themselves.

Do you agree that this is a proper use of Library resources? Yes or No

Thank you for your participation.

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Gary Wilson

I’m a nobody, but I am concerned about what is going on in our library. Maybe you are a nobody like me, but your concerned too. Together, we can be somebody. Somebody, that can make a difference. Will you join me and be that somebody? Da blagoslavit tebya Gospod!


  1. I have no idea why any parent would take their child to see this. If the parents want to go see this, fine. Just leave their impressionable kids at home.

  2. This is totally disturbing. I will refuse to fund the library if they insist on indoctrination of our children to any sort of sexual deviation at such an impressionable age. What people do in their own homes is their business. What happens at tax payer funded institutions is the taxpayers business.

  3. It’s a part of “our” freedom of speech, you have no right to tell anybody what they can or can’t say. Stop being a homophobic piece of garbage, if you don’t like it, stay away.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      I’m acknowledging your freedom of speech here and posted your comment. Apparently you don’t acknowledge other’s freedom of speech if you perceive it does not agree with yours. Sad, I thought that was what freedom of speech was all about.
      As far as ‘if you don’t like it, stay away’ to quote a person you probably know and approve of ‘It takes a Village to raise a child’… I guess you could call me one of the ‘Village’ people.

  4. Bravo Gary Wilson. I just went to a drag story hour in toronto and it was disturbing at best. ALL the stories were about LGB, NO Mothers & Fathers. Woman face is highly offensive and the children are definitely being groomed. Please join me on my new FB page were this is being discussed http://www.facebook.com/groups/sharonsoapbox and I have a growing number of youtube videos on this subject at http://www.youtube.com/sharondanleyadvocacy.

    We need to join forces across the country Gary and I look forward to communicating with you.

  5. It’s disturbing to know that the fvrl is going this far. It feels like to me that’s it’s easier to shove this garbage down the children’s throat then face the reality that they are a wicked people. God had one man and one woman for marriage, and also girls are girls, boys are boys, not boys are girls or girls are boys. God gave us the ability to use our brains, but apparently it skipped some people. Parents are supposed to teach their children about the Word of God, and to stay away from the evils of this world, not run towards it.

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