Library Role Models: (This was read to the Ft. Vancouver Library Board at their Feb. meeting)

To children, teacher’s are role models, it’s inherent.

Drag Queen Story Hour is the brain child of Michelle Tea, founder of Radar Productions in San Francisco.

Part of their mission statement says “gives kids…unabashedly queer role models”.

Devin Crosland, an adult entertainment performer who goes by the name ‘Clare Apparently’ when he dresses as a woman, brought his unique role model to the Ft. Vancouver Regional Library Feb. 9th

I know because my wife, my 9 year old daughter, and I were there.

Not inside, but outside the library with a sign that simply read ‘Inappropriate for Kids: Drag Queen Story Hour’.

Last week, I took my daughter to the library, she signed in on their computer, went to YouTube and searched on ‘Clare Apparently’. A video popped up about ‘The Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle’. At this point I sent my daughter to the children’s section of the library. In his performance ‘Clare Apparently’ as Ms. Frizzle flirts with a cardboard reproduction of the TV show’s school bus until assistant holding the bus presents a life sized imitation of a male reproductive organ. Your role model then simulates a number of increasingly explicit sexual acts with the object, as the audience cheers, ending with lifting up his dress and multiple attempts of mimicked anal penetration.

Any child who saw him Feb. 9th, can access YouTube on a computer or smart phone and type in the name of their new library approved role model, can view it, even on library computers.

Dylan Pontiff, a drag queen who helps organize Story Hour admitted “This is going to be the grooming of the next generation”.

Quote: “We shall seduce them in your schools, they shall be recast in our image, they shall come to crave and adore us”

Quote: “I am here to tell you, All the time I said I wasn’t indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and queer people, was a lie. l have come to indoctrinate your children into My LGBTQ agenda and I’m not a bit Sorry”.

It’s not about a Story Hour, it’s about indoctrinating children. it’s about an agenda. Which agenda’s are you going to keep out? Where are you going to draw the line? Will you be able too?

In your March 2018 meeting minutes you talked about the need for a levy lid lift from where it will be in 2020 of $.33 to the cap of $.50. (a 52% increase).

The last levy lid lift came before voters in 2010. Out of 87,633 votes that were cast, the margin of victory was 495 votes, 1/2 of 1 %

The average voter looks for a reason to vote ‘NO’ on any increased taxes. Don’t give them one.

This is a Pledge to vote ‘NO’ form on any tax for the library until ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ is removed. I’m told there’s a small army who will get signatures.

Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

The American College of Pediatricians has previously warned: “Conditioning children into believing that impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse’.

Why is the American Library Association fueling this new form of child abuse ?

You can protect the children of Clark County and be a hero… or the voters will,

Thank you.

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Gary Wilson

I’m a nobody, but I am concerned about what is going on in our library. Maybe you are a nobody like me, but your concerned too. Together, we can be somebody. Somebody, that can make a difference. Will you join me and be that somebody? Da blagoslavit tebya Gospod!


  1. It is not appropriate for these people to be role models for our children! Usually a role model has done “something” of virtue or distinction to be deemed a role model!

  2. Since going to a meeting where only 2 people out of approx 100 were for this how did this continue. We must stand strong and not look the other way!

    1. True Sharon. In February about 75 people showed up against DQSH, in March 200 of us showed up against. In April 30 of us showed up against, and in May 15 of us showed up against this. In July a dozen of us drove the 80 miles or so out to White Salmon for the library board meeting but the board continues to allow Amelia Shelley the library executive director to call the shots and she scheduled another DQSH on July 13th after telling the board in May that no more DQSH’s were scheduled. August’s meeting is Aug. 19th in Ridgefield. Please show up as we stand against this. We have about 2,400 pledges to Vote ‘No’ on the next library levy in just 5 months by word of mouth only. To God be the Glory.

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