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I’m a nobody, but I am concerned about what is going in on in our library. Maybe your a nobody, but you’re concerned too. Together we can be the somebody that makes a difference. Will you join me?

Per the Library Board of Trustees meeting minutes, they need a new library levy by 2020 as the levy rate is dropping by almost 10% per year (currently $.36 / $1,000 assessed value in 2019 and they are looking to raise it to the cap of $.50 / $1,000 assessed value)

The last library levy went to voters in 2010 and won by only 495 votes.

We have a pledge to vote ‘No’ on the next library levy until such time as Drag Queen Story Hour is removed from being presented on library grounds as it was on February 9th, 2019.

So far we have over 3,600 pledges to vote ‘No’ and this has only been by word of mouth. That is over 7 times their last margin of victory.

This is no ‘lost cause’ and any reasonable person (library board member?) will have to see reason and pull this program as we continue to show up at each monthly library board meeting and update them on our progress of updating the public which is largely unaware that Drag Queen Story Hour is even promoted and offered in our library to a target audience of 3-8 year olds. Our experience outside of public retail establishments and door to door is that 3 out of 4 voters believe this is not a proper use of library resources.

The next library levy is in serious jeopardy of losing. We all know the average voter is looking for a reason to vote ‘No’ on any increased taxes and Drag Queen Story Hour clearly gives them one.

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